For Sale

All dioramas as seen in the pictures come complete with all King and country figures, vehicles, planes and equipment, including original boxes. Additional information is below each image.

Item #1

Complete WWll Battle of the Bulge diorama as displayed here, including Figarti Storch Aircraft and figures, and  all King and Country figures and vehicles. All will be in carefully packed in original boxes.

$650 plus shipping

Item #2

Complete WWll Tuskagee Airfield  diorama as displayed here, includes King and Country Red Tail Mustang and all figures  and equipment, all with original boxes.

$650 plus shipping

Item #3

Complete WWll  British airfield Diorama as displayed here, includes Spitfire aircraft, Bentley sports car, TAircraft tractor, and figures, all King and Country, all with original boxes.

$850 plus shipping

Shipping and Returns

I carefully pack each shipment to insure your diorama arrives intact. For larger dioramas, I may break them down with detailed instructions and pictures on re-assembling for ease of shipment.

For very large dioramas, I can personally deliver and set up for a very nominal fee, usually just expenses. During our preliminary discussion, this option will be outlined.

While I’m proud to say I have never had a return, I do accept them. Please call me before returning as I am very concerned about customer service and the quality of my creations. Return packing and shipping costs will be the responsibility of the client.

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